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Pesticide applicator continuing education is required to become recertified. Recertification is a program that ensures certified applicators, both private and commercial, maintain competence and keep current with changing technology.

  • Licensed applicators in Colorado are required to recertify every 3 years.
  • The recertification period is simultaneous with the 3-year licensing period.
  • Recertification credit can be earned any time during the 3 year period.
  • Persons who allow their applicator’s license to lapse must re-take the test.
  • Applicators can attend any CDA-approved recertification training to receive the required credits.

Recertification training provides applicators with new information on pest control, health and environmental safety, pest management technology, and changes in pesticide laws and regulations to help the applicator continue to use pesticides safely and effectively.


2020 CSU Front Range Pest Management

Recertification Workshop


November 3rd & 4th, 2020 at The Ranch at Larimer County Fairgrounds

Costs:  $100 Commercial Applicators (Qualified Supervisor or Certified Operator)

$50 Private Applicators or Commercial Applicator Technicians

$50 All Others (Non-licensed persons or Chemical Industry Reps)

Now offering Certified Crop Adviser(CCA) CEUs 

Possible credits (due to concurrent sessions, you cannot earn ALL the credits listed below):

1 cr. Soil & Water Management; 14 cr. Pesticide Management; 2 cr. Crop Management; 2 cr. Professional Development

Earning Credits

Both private and commercial applicators must earn 1 or 2 CDA required core credits in 6 different categories. Commercial applicators must earn additional credits for the category they are certified in.

Applicators earn credits toward recertification by attending Continuing Education Workshops. Search through the Google Calendar for dates and locations. Each location will contain information on core credits offered and category credits if available. Not every workshop offers all core credits.

CDA-approved providers and the credits offered can be found in the list below the calendar. Contact the individual providers for information on fees and to schedule your CEC. The list below also includes CEC opportunities that can be obtained online.

Workshop Calendar

Core & Category Credit Approved Presenters, Online Resources

To become recertified, both private and commercial applicators must earn credits in CDA-required categories. These credits must be earned any time during the 3 year licensing period. The required “core” categories all applicators must earn to be eligible for recertification are:

  • 2 Credits Laws and Regulations
  • 1 Credit Pesticides and their families
  • 1 Credit Environmental Protection
  • 1 Credit Use of Pesticides
  • 1 Credit Applicator Safety
  • 1 Credit Public Safety

For Commercial applicators, category credits are required in addition to all 7 core credits. Turf, ornamental, and structural applicators must earn 2 credits in their license category. All other applicators must earn 1 credit in their category .

Dr. Chris Marble
(407) 410-6960

Title Core Credits Offered Category Credits Offered (Check category descriptions) Contact
CSU-CEPEP ALL 101, 102, 103, 104, 107, 109, 111
206, 207
Thia Walker
CSU Extension
Rid-A-Pest Exterminators ALL ALL Scott Armbrust
Rid-a-Pest Exterminators
Mountain West Pest Ed ALL ALL Sandra McDonald
DP Ag Services Continuing Ed ALL 101, 102, 103, 107, 109, 308 Don Henderson
(719) 852-0824
Rollins, Inc NONE 304 Dawn Hardy
(404) 877-4607
Email: Online NONE 102, 103, 106, 108, 109, 110,
206, 207
301, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307
Kevin Hurley
Disease Management for Nurseries & Greenhouses Use of Pesticides 102 Dr. Rebecca Baldwin (352) 273-3974 Email

Faith Oi
(352) 273-3971

Dr. Chris Marble
(407) 410-6960

Weed Management for Nurseries & Greenhouses Pesticides & their Families

Use of Pesticides

103 WebsiteDisease Management for Nurseries & GreenhousesUse of Pesticides102Dr. Rebecca Baldwin (352) 273-3974 Email

Faith Oi
(352) 273-3971

Dr. Chris Marble
(407) 410-6960

Food Industry Pest Mangement 1 Laws & Regs
1 Environmental Protection
1 Use of Pesticides
1 Applicator Safety
1 Public Safety
303, 305 Deborah Murphy
(913) 397-1185
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